Moana tours has been running various kinds of public tours successfully on Bora Bora for nearly 40 years now.

With all these years experience, we have come to realize that there are certain tours that withstand the test of time. What were popular tours 20 years ago are still favorites today...

Heading out to shark waters

Although Bora Bora islanders have been snorkeling and enjoying the fantastic Polynesian marine life for thousands of years, Moana Tours helped bring "snorkeling safaris" into their current state of popularity.

We practically coined the phrase "snorkel safari"- a term that many others now use for their own snorkeling tours.

So many Fish to enjoy

This is our most popular public tour on Bora Bora a unique experience not to be missed!

Covered boats will transfer you across the lagoon, past Toopua point, to the barrier reef where ideal conditions have encouraged maximum coral growth.

Donning a mask and snorkel, you'll enter waters with varying depths of 4 to 30 feet.

The waters will instantly amaze you with the clarity and vivid blue colors. The diversity of the fish species and colors of the coral are quite fantastic!

After a little while of snorkeling amid these gorgeous coral formations, our guide will begin attracting some black tipped lagoon sharks to the group!

Swimming with the sharks is something you'll never forget!

This is indeed a thrilling experience for anybody who's never seen a shark or large marine creature underwater... but don't be scared!At three to five feet in length, these sharks are quite harmless.

We've been diving with them for many years and never have experienced any problems from them.

The fact is that the sharks of Polynesia all share a scuba-friendly trait: Since their food supplies are abundant, they've never been known to be aggressive to any divers!

Stringrays are abundant!

That being said, we still respect them. They are the masters of the lagoon and their power and grace always leave un-erasable memories deeply imprinted in our minds...

Next, it's time to see the rays!

A favorite stop to a shallow sand bank will be made where you'll see the elegant, yet harmless, grey stingrays living in their natural habitat.

If you want, you may get the chance to touch and feel one of the graceful creatures with the assistance of our guide, as they swim in an effortless "ballet" in and around the swimmers.


Bora BoraGlass Bottom Boat

Classic Glass Bottom Boat rides. A great way to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world of Bora Bora, without ever getting wet! Perfect for the non-snorkeler who wants a beautiful and relaxing tour without any worries whatsoever (a favorite among our older visitors or families with children.)

Glide gently over multicolored, exotic coral and fish life in our comfortable 33 foot cruiser as you learn about the history and facts of our famous lagoon.

You'll find yourself fascinated as our diving guides show you the beauty of the lagoon they call home, especially after you've seen them feed the brilliantly colored fish just a few feet from the glass you're looking through!

The beauty is not only underwater though!

These 1 and 1/2 hour cruises take place under the majestic and scenic mountains of central Bora bora. A wonderful photographic experience!

Bpra Bora coral Garden


Our love and respect for the lagoon and all the activities possible within her surrounding waters, allowed us to recognize years ago the importance of treating the pristine waters of the Bora

Bora lagoon and surrounding ocean as our own home... so we do, and we encourage you to do the same.

We've been diving, snorkeling, touring, exploring, and making a living off these waters for over 30 years.

Now, with your help and the same respect for her beauty and creatures, we can continue to share it's beauty and magic with others far into the future.

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