Bora Bora off shore Fishing

We love to fish these Bora bora waters! Our professionally guided day trips are ALWAYS a lot of fun and we (nearly) always catch fish!

 (We've got about a 75% landing record for our targeted species.)

Let us show you some of the best fishing spots the island has to offer on either of our 2 most popular fishing tours.

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Enjoy a half day fishing experience on our famous 17 foot Boston Whaler!

Our expert captain will take you to the best fishing grounds outside the reef surrounding the Bora bora lagoon.

We'll fish for various varieties of sportfish in the area such as jacks, wahoo, barracuda, mahi-mahi, skip-jack tuna, yellow fin tuna, sail fish and marlin.

Equipment used: Penn International 50 with 80 lbs. test and Penn International 30 with 50 lbs.

Lagoon trolling Fishing


The calmer waters of the lagoon allow for excellent light tackle trolling opportunities.

We'll fish for jacks, small barracuda, lagoon bonito, needle fish and groupers, among other species.

Fish sizes vary from 1/2 pound (250 gr) to 10 pounds (5 kg) for some of them.

If you'd like, we can also take you to some spots close to the barrier reef for some spinning or hand line fishing.

Equipment used: Camry GP 3 500 with 10 lbs. test, and Penn 450 SS with 16 lbs.


Fishing is fun!

This style of fishing option is for experienced fishermen with their own equipment.

We take you out to the atoll of Tupai, 10 nautical miles north of BB, to catch giant trevally and huge barracudas.

There is also the possibility to troll for bigger game fish if we cross to Tupai and/ or coming back.

Note: Because we travel all the way to the atoll of Tupai, you need a total of 6 hours for the trip to be worth it, so it's best to leave before or by sunrise for our best chances.

(Travelling to Tupai takes around 1 and 1/2 hours, and the same to go back.)

This gives us about 3 hours to play and cast from the boat to the barrier reef.

Fly fishermen with their own equipment are also welcome!

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